Chinese Culture Festival. In Umeå.

This is the fourth year of an annual festival. The purpose  of the festival is to enrich the cultural life in Umeå with some of what Chinese culture has to give us.  And that’s a lot. The reasons to arrange this festival are many, and one thing we want to show is the relation between culture and health from a Chinese perspective. There are more in the Chinese concept of culture than what we usually refer to as culture; in the western countries, such as dance, theater and art - nutrition and physical excersise  among others play important roles in the Chinese culture. We want to show how culture makes us healthier, and to do that we have arranged a number of activities during these four days.  We want you to experience all these interesting parts of the Chinese culture. But that’s not all. We also want you to try something new, maybe you meet new people and most important of all – we really hope you are going to have a great time!